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solid-state lighting


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solid-state lighting

Newport, in conjunction with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is currently working on a project to demonstrate the effectiveness of LED lighting technology. The project intends to address some of the current market barriers being experience by LED lighting (cost, appearance, compatibility, awareness) by demonstrating the benefits of the technology. Five single-family homes throughout New York State will be outfitted with a professionally design whole-whole LED lighting system. Newport has teamed with Phillips to install the LED bulbs and fixtures and Lutron will be providing their new, pocket-friendly Caseta wireless control system. Working with two leading manufacturers provides further assurance that the homes will be outfitted with high quality products that will portray the benefits of LED lighting technology. Each home will be monitored for electrical consumption (the lighting will be kept separate from the rest of the electrical use in the home) and, along with supplemental information such as homeowner/ builder surveys, will be used to analyze the effectiveness of LED lighting.



At the end of this month, the monitoring portion of the Solid State Lighting demonstration project will be complete. The information garnered will be analyzed, reviewed, interpreted and compared to code minimum equivalent homes to see what the actual savings of a 100% LED lit home. In addition to just pure savings with respect to energy, money and carbon footprint by using the LED’s the project will also take into account how the homeowners actually perceive their lighting package.

The homes range in size from a single story approximately 1200 squar foot to a 4,450 square foot four story net-zero home. Each lighting design was based first upon the builder’s standard package of lighting and upgraded to include 100% LED lighting throughout the house. The lighting designs included all types of lamps and fixtures available at the time of construction. Stay tuned for the final conclusions that will be drawn from all the data collected throughout the project. Initial reviews of the data show promising results.

Even more astonishing than the associated savings of incorporating LED lighting into the homes is the advancement of the LED lighting technology itself. This project first began in the summer of 2014 with the monitoring portion finishing up here in August 2016. Over the course of these two years, not only did the LED lighting become more advance and inexpensive, the style and availability of almost every type of lamp imaginable can now be found in an LED version. Building codes are struggling to keep up with these advancements as well.

Who knows what the future will eventually hold, with the low power requirements of the LED’s and the integration of more and more technology into these bulbs and fixtures, will all wiring in a home soon be of the low voltage variety?


A major factor in the rapid advancement in lighting in recent years has been the development of LED technology. The 2015 IECC requires 75% high efficacy lighting. Learn about what types of lights comply and how LEDs are changing the residential lighting market.

arrowRead the Report - Meeting Code with LEDs (February 2016, PDF)


The 100% LED lighting system installed in the Stillwater, NY home wowed future homeowners, builders and NYSERDA representatives during a daylong open house held on February 6th, 2016. LEDs offer improved efficiency, unmatched energy and cost savings, and a long life expectancy over other lighting technologies. Plus, LEDs offer new lighting design options that were not possible with traditional light sources.

As a part of our LED Lighting Demonstration Project with NYSERDA, Newport worked with Belmonte Builders to build the certified ENERGY STAR Home with Lutron's new Caséta Wireless lighting control package. The lighting system was designed by renowned local lighting professional Jan Moyer.

With the second month of lighting data collected, expectations grow for a triple digit savings on lighting cost for the home over the course of one year. Lighting consumption on the Belmonte home will continue to be monitored on a monthly basis for seven more months with the final results to be summarized in a report for NYSERDA. Make sure you check back to see how the results may change over the course of time.

arrowLearn more about the current and expected cost savings in the LED Open House Report


arrowLED Belmonte Open House Flyer - February, 2016

arrowLED Lighting Continues to Impress: Real Time Energy Cost Savings Report - December 2015

arrowLED Lamp Savings Adds Up - July 2015

arrowLEDs Performing as Expected - April 2015


consumer perception

To kick-off this project, Newport recently participated in two consumer outreach events in New York State. The purpose of these events was to gain a basic understanding of how consumers perceive different lighting options as well as identify the level of awareness they had with LED lighting technology. The two events were held at major home shows, the Parade of Homes in Saratoga, NY, and the Rochester Home Builders Inc. Homearama in Rochester.

>> View the results from the Parade of Homes event in Saratoga Springs, NY

>> View the results from the Homearama event in Rochester, NY

>> View our detailed report from both of these events




Control your lights, shades and temperature from anywhere – whether you’re home or away. Caséta Wireless dimmers and switches install in minutes, work with LEDs and bring the convenience of a connected home to your fingertips.

Take a look at a video by Lutron - The Caseta Wireless Story:


Describe your experience with the Lutron Caseta Wireless system?

"This system rocks. It was extremely easy to install and program. As for the convenience, life changing. You approach leaving and coming home in a whole new manor. We have scenes set up for both and we never forget to turn a light off, or struggle to find a switch on the way in with our hands full. Going to be has changed as well. We just get up from the couch, walk out of the room, brush our teeth and climb into bed and put on a reading scene and turn off the rest of the house, including the outdoor lighting, from the comfort of the bed, without having to walk around in the dark. It will change the way you think about moving from room to room. Great system!"

- Homeowner


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