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Vinyl Siding Institute


Newport Ventures recently completed a study commissioned by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) to evaluate the environmental performance of insulated siding. The results from the study provided proof that insulated siding can outperform fiber cement on environmental issues while providing an exterior that is aesthetically pleasing.

Thermal ImagingTo start, two homes were built that each complied with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) High Performance Residential Development Challenge. One home was built in Saratoga Springs, NY while the other was built in Burnt Hills, NY. The purpose of the challenge is to educate builders on how to construct energy efficient homes that are cost effective. These high performance homes have been designed to achieve energy savings at a level that is fifty to sixty percent above that stated by New York’s energy code.

Newport Ventures performed a side-by-side test on the Burnt Hills home to evaluate insulated siding against fiber cement. The test was performed during the winter on a two-story colonial home. Using thermal imaging, Newport Ventures determined that there was less heat loss from the home with the insulated siding than there was for the fiber cement. In addition, Newport recorded the exterior surface temperature and noted that there was more thermal bridging, or heat loss, associated with the fiber cement product. Read VSI's publication "Siding with Energy Efficiency."

The Saratoga Springs home was evaluated for its visual characteristics. Newport Ventures found that sixty-eight percent of visitors found the home’s insulated siding to be very attractive while ninety-five percent of visitors found its visual appeal to be better than average.

The end result is that Newport Ventures was able to provide data to support the notion that a home can maintain its visual appeal while meeting exceptionally high standards for energy efficiency.

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